Our wall paneling is a unique way to accent a space. We strive to find the perfect balance between paying homage to our sources while creating versatile products that fit seamlessly into modern installations. Please inquire for availability of our unique lots which may not be listed.


Our River City Charred Paneling Collection is a celebration of the traditional Japanese finishing technique, Shou Sugi Ban. Charring the surface of the wood makes it resistant to fire, rot and insect damage due to the protective layer of carbon. Our River City Charred paneling combines traditional and modern techniques and finishes creating stunning feature walls.

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Our Commonwealth Reclaimed Collection features all the amazing pastoral textures and patinas of a wide range of reclaimed species. View our “Reclaimed Product Guide” for more information about the rustic character of our reclaimed wood surfaces and textures. Custom finishing is available on this product with an extended lead time.

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